Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wilson Audio Alexia superspeaker

Wilson is one of those companies that wears their love of music on their sleeve. Dave lovingly describes his yearly pilgrimage to Austria to sample live music, so as to recalibrate his already discerning ears to the live experience. His approach is the safest way that he can insure that every design characteristc of the Alexia (as well as any product that carries the Wilson brand) lives up to the live experience, as much as is humanly possible at any given time, with sourceable design, components and materials.

From The Wilson press release:

This looks to be a total gamechanger. I dream of audio this exacting, that shows flaws in front end components, flaws that can only be rectified by replacing the offending member(s) with more refined, esoteric components. I love music and have decided long ago that, although I'm severely limited in funds, I can practically continue to dream of a world where this level of playback can be achieved in an average household. Someday...

Here's another press release entry:

And more...

And yet again, as if you weren't already blown away:

This is a review fueled with anticipation that may never be fulfilled. I've yet to audition any Wilson product, but it's high on my bucket list, as it's well-known that I live for these experiences.

Keep your tubes hot and your antenna up! See you next time!

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  1. Finally auditioned these, and they obviously passed! See above entry "Road trip!" Thanks.