Monday, November 11, 2013

Rare Max Load single sells for crazy amount

Man, time adds to value!

Recently, one of the rarest 70's punk 45's from the Midwest sold on ebay. It had been listed for less than a day, and a wealthy punk 45 collector snapped the obscure gem for...$2000!

An unidentified record collector and dealer from Collinsville, IL confirms that he bought the artifact from an estate sale, and found fliers from the area in a record jacket.

The story behind the rare 45: Terry Jones, Max Load founder, made a handful of hand-designed, hand-colored pic sleeves for "X-Rod/Magazine Sex" as promos for the release of their only single. They were sent to industry types, to bar owners for possible gigs, and given to superfans.

Maybe 10 of these unique items were created, at random, and quickly built a reputation around the band, and the release of the single itself back in 1979. The band is currently receiving praise that somewhat escaped them 35 years ago with a BDR Records release of Epic Records demos, their 2-sided single, and tons of archival recordings by a very prolific songwriting band from St. Louis, MO. Their recent release includes an LP, a CD, and a DVD recorded in 1981.

I'm the one, just above, with the arrow pointed at my melon!
This goes to show you, that if you have any memorabilia from the 70's rock era, get it out!
Keep your punk rocked and your pop topped! See yas next time!

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