Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony tonight

It's finally time!!! All the anticipation, publicity, and excitement leading up to the grand opening ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics is nigh upon us. The eyes of the world are trained on jolly ol' England, namely London, and the athletes are arriving there en masse to commence the every-two-years event. The opening ceremonies will be graced by one Sir Paul McCartney, which promises to be a much-anticipated event in its own right.

Last year's opening ceremonies were so ostentatious, so garish, so over-the-top, that I'm sure that the powers-that-be who design these festivities will be hard-pressed to top their past achievements! For 17 days the world buries their differences (to an extent) and gets it on with healthy competition as an example of how we should behave on a day-to-day basis. As long as the politicizing and grandstanding can be put under control, the Olympics can be a sporting event and not a lame propeganda statement. Short of the 1972 Munich Olympics, where hostages were taken by Palestinian terrorists, the events can have a unifying effect on nations and the world in general. So far, the only controversy surrounds a moment of silence being eschewed in favor of a generic tribute, citing no precedence of such an event.

I am an armchair sportsman. I do not participate, and never will (unless there's a new event on the horizon, the 1000 meter hot tub soak!), but I do enjoy the opening ceremonies, I enjoy seeing the fresh young faces as they strive for prominance in their chosen activities, and I especially enjoy the biographical stories and human interest features. It makes for excellent journalism, and the photos and videos are exquisite, to say the least! I'm good until they start testing armchair sportsmen for doping!

So, grab your snack, get your potty break out of the way, and settle in for a coupla weeks of pageantry and pomp in the name of good ol' sporting competition! Thank God that there are still things like this that are so big that they can't be made pay-per-view like the majority of sporting events on TV! I'm definitely logging some long hours in front of my big screen, perched in my recliner!

Go USA!!! If I'm AWOL from the blog for a spell, you'll know where to find me. I'll be here watching the 2012 Summer Olympics from London, England, along with the rest of the world!! When I return I'll detail some new items I'm anticipating receiving to kick off my long-awaited recording project, and this blog will serve as a diary of that Olympian effort! I hope I'm up to the challenge, and stick my landing, so to speak! Perfect 10? We'll see... Keep your tubes hot and your antenna up! See you soon!

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