Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tascam DP24 - initial thoughts

After tracking all day today I'm pretty wiped out, but I want to get my initial impressions blogged about the Tascam DP24 and how well it's working out.

So far the only bummer is that the SD card is too small to actually finish a whole song of more than 13-14 tracks! I get that far and it reads: "SD Card Full". SUCKS!!!

It won't be long till I get a full-size card and I'll be rolling. In the meantime I keep dumping my results down to my Sony CD recorder and reformatting the SD card. Major hassle but it is what it is.

Just like any recorder, garbage in, garbage out. I'm getting the hang of setting levels, the bleedover between tracks is non-existant, and I'm generally very very pleased. Now I'm hitting the hay. Rules concerning tubes and antennas still apply. See you tomorrow!

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