Monday, August 13, 2012

I like headphones, but...

Am I the only one that hates being interrupted? I could just keep my eyes closed and ignore it, but it's a bit like pain. Without it, serious damage or injury could result from not responding to interruptions or distractions while listening!

I mainly listen to conventional loudspeakers (although interruptions and distractions are still a PITA with them as well as having to cross the room and turn down the volume to conversate. Problem is, I don't use remotes with my vintage receivers.).

The recording studio is different and worse in every respect. Not only are headphones required for recording vocals (and for avoiding leakage into the mic from monitors), interruptions ruin a take completely when it's an unwelcome, abrupt stop during a take. It always seems to be (finally) the perfect take till this happens. I'm also The Man Of A Million Takes, which further exacerbates the problem.

Am I the only one? If I had complete isolation from distraction I might really explore expensive phones and a TOTL headphone amp. Not as long as I can't avoid distractions and inconsiderate family members. I might also be able to complete a recording session in my home studio if I could finally (simply) be LEFT ALONE FOR ONCE!!! It's a touchy subject to approach, sort of akin to putting locks on interior doors and actually using them (tends to isolate you at bad times like dinner!)... I'd rather make my own dinner than have to rip my phones off my head one more stinking time, listening or tracking for that matter!

Next time I'll try not to be so full of the old piss and vinegar, unless someone barges in on my next 'phones session in the meantime! I just may have to use my AK if that happens (and I don't mean AudioKarma!!)!!! It won't be such a nice day if that happens! Till then, keep your tubes hot and your antenna up! See you then!

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