Saturday, August 18, 2012

Max Load LP due fall '12

We're anxiously awaiting the imminent release of our long lost vinyl LP, covered some time ago in these pages. I recently got a visit from Terry (Max Load lead singer/songwriter) and Jason from BDR Records, who assures me all is well and that things are moving according to schedule on the Max Load LP. Here's a communique' from Jason Rerun, former KDHX "Scene Of The Crime" host and head cheese for BDR Records, based here in St. Louis, solely responsible for reisssuing local bands from the late 70's:

"Spent the day with Terry Jones of Max Load. We finalized all art work and liner notes for the Max Load-LP/CD. We also stopped at fellow Max Loader Mike Yaffe's for a couple quick stories. Terry gave me the full tour of Belleville. (Hey, remember I didn't grow up around here and I'm excited easily!) I saw where Dave Reeve's studio was, saw where Max Load practiced and played live, where the 3-D Monster Fear Factory once existed and all the other Terry X n' gang historical markers. This Max Load release is gonna be a doozy!"-Jason

Plans are going forward for sessions for my new solo LP as well...Stay tuned, it's tentatively entitled Omnipresence (that could and does change hourly!). Till then, keep your tubes hot and your antenna up! See you later.

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