Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Back from a grueling week of...further preps for recording! My drum set fell through, to last minute obligations, and I ordered a set to alleviate the problem in the future. Also a benefit, I went electronic to save my neighbors and housemates the agony of my voluminous drumming!

This is the Alesis DM8 drumkit, with 750 drum sounds! World-class snares and kicks, cymbal samples to die for, and features that emulate real drums to a T. It has a fully operable hi-hat, a bass pad that's big enough for a double kick pedal if that's your style, and a cymbal action that emulates a choke articulation (hitting the cymbal and grabbing it to mute it). That I've NEVER seen in electronic kits! (****EDIT**** See my next blog for a more accurate picture of the DM8 with white rubber snare and black rubber toms. NO metal rims or removeable mylar heads!).

The DM8 also carries play-along tracks, which is fun for rehearsing, a metromone, and easy set-up, as the rack comes pre-assembled. I've seen the demos on YouTube, and the sound (which is the key element, and the reason I chose Alesis) is superb for a kit that comes in under $400 ($390). I should see it by Friday, and day by day I'm getting more and more excited as the days progress. This better not be a scam, I'll be blogging about that, and how to avoid it if it in fact is!

This is not just another purchase, a missing piece of my home recording studio. I've wanted to play the drums since I was 9 years old, and actually played drums in my first rock band Max Load (we released a single in 1979, I played drums and keys on one side, bass and background vocals on the other). I'll be blogging about Max Load shortly, as we have an album of our unreleased music coming out on locals BDR Records. They are an archival label featuring bands from St. Louis in the late 70's/early 80's. Mostly punk, some wave, it was a time in St. Louis when progressive/classic rock ruled, and we were the antithesis of the prevailing style. Good thing is, the bands that were famous from the time have all had their time in the spotlight, ours will come again very soon!

Here's the brains of the operation (thought I was, eh?!)...
More later when the recordings progress...keep your tubes hot and your antenna up! See you next time!

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