Thursday, October 10, 2013

100 posts!

Happy 100th episode! Someone's wheeling a big cake out from the other room, and my staff is surrounding me, giving me the glad hand!

I recently returned to blogging in these pages after nearly a year's layoff, and after cross-pollenating on audio forums and Facebook I've amassed a nice readership who keep returning for God knows why! I guess I'm picking somewhat LCD (lowest common denominator, obviously of some general interest) topics for various demographics.

Whatever which way, it's surely a way to keep me out of the types of trouble that suck me in.

Here's some comments from readers:

"I really don't like music" Jim Bates
"I hear distortion" Tony Arnett
"My brother turned you on to music. I'm gonna kick your ass" Greg Wills
"I'd rather sit at home and drink" Matt Daggett
"What are you doing this for? You're not getting paid" Lawrence Yaffe
"Animals are more important" Michelle Denis
"I guess you can't cuss on forums" Jeff Bonn

Now you know what I face everyday!

Keep your chicken wire up and your spit shield on (I just deleted a post from last year, so this is actually #99!).


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