Sunday, October 6, 2013

Some musical quickie suggestions

1) Airiel is an American shoegaze band from Chicago, Illinois, characterized by their melodic style.

Film School and Airiel: Live at Spaceland photo 2
Airiel was formed as Airiel Project One in 1997, in Bloomington, Indiana, by Jeremy Wrenn and former bandmate Shawn Delaney. This followed the break-up of Wrenn's previous shoegaze band, Black Olive, that released one CD called Verge. Airiel are currently signed to Highwheel Records, an independent record label.
Airiel released a series of EPs through Clairecords which were later re-released as a box-set entitled Winks and Kisses. In 2005, Airiel released their self-titled EP independently, and toured the eastern United States.

In 2007, the band recorded their debut full-length, The Battle of Sealand, which was released on Highwheel Records in August of that year.

2) The Laurels are a neo-psychedelic four-piece based in Lewisham, a suburb in Sydney's Inner West. They formed in 2006 after the members met through mutual friends at a silly hat party, each of them originally living in disparate parts of the East Coast of Australia. The band garnered critical acclaim in the Sydney live music scene after playing extensively throughout the latter 00's in both headline and international support slots before releasing their first 7" single Art School Girl/Wandering Star in 2009 and their full length Plains LP in 2012.

3) Alpine, another Aussie-based band (Melbourne), have little available info, save the fact that their debut, "A Is For Alpine", is fantastic, and warrants inclusion in this discussion for that reason alone! 

Go get this stuff. It will be worth it!

Keep your tubes hot and your antenna up! Seeya!

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