Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some cumulative stats for mind's eye music as of today...

I'll post these figures from time to time, to remind everyone (as well as myself) that I'm not just having a big journalistic wank here at mind's eye music (I love my life and my blog truly represents my love of music and audio, among various topics). People are checking us out.

There's strength in numbers, and here they (we) are!

Thank you, as always, for your participation. Without all of you, I'd be spittin' into the wind!

These are currently the number of hits I've accumulated to date, as well as where y'all are at!

United States       13,183

Canada                  1,755

France                   1,623
United Kingdom     1,440

Germany                1,383

Indonesia                  683

Italy                           487

Russia                       440

Australia                    368

Latvia                        368

Total hits              21,730

Rock out, Latvia! Go like my Facebook page, everyone! Help a poor guy out! Bookmark this site as well as my FB page! Let's see if Botswana and New Caledonia can bust a move!

Keep your tubes hot, your antenna up, and stay connected to mind's eye music, spanning the corners of the globe with cool stuff worth checking out!
Until next time, Earth...

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