Monday, October 7, 2013

tc electronic Nova System guitar processor

I haven't done a pro audio review since I've returned, so I'll cover the tc electronic Nova System, a really versatile piece of kit, and very affordable for the collective punch it packs.

I've had quite a bit of time to digest just what the tc electronic Nova System can do, both onstage and in the studio, and it has proven to be quite the performer in its own right.
What makes the Nova System unique is that the distortion effects occur within the analog domain, and the parameters are accessed and stored digitally. This is due to tc electronic's NDT (Nova Drive Technology), and you can control the amount of distortion on the fly with an expression pedal!
Truly unique! From clean to heavy gain distortion with the sweep of an expression pedal!
Nova System is the obvious all-in-one solution for any guitarist (I'm a bassist, and I like it too!), as it features world-class reverbs, EQ, comps and modulation effects with no sacrifice of tonal integrity. 60 user presets and 30 factory settings provide the electronic guitarist the versatility and user-friendly interface that is needed for either on-the-fly tweaking or careful setting adjustments prior to and during a session or individual pass. Great SQ and immense versatility right out of the box insures a quick adjustment time, no lengthy menus, and on-the-fly performance ease.
Don't like presets? Simple. Tweak till you absolutely LOVE what you hear, store with a flick of a footswitch, and you're set. It's really that easy, and the combinations are nearly endless.
. All-analog overdrive and distortion under preset and expression control.
. 6 effect blocks taken directly from G-System (costing TONS more):
- Compression
- EQ & Noise Gate
- Modulation
- Pitch
- Delay
- Reverb
. 30 factory and 60 user presets
. Two footswitch layouts: preset and pedal
. Hi-Z and balanced input + balanced stereo outs
. Optional G-Switch for added control
So, for a measly price of ‎$499.00 (all the usual suspects), the tc electronic Nova System is the go-to device for world-class performance, built-like-a-tank reliability, and the absolutely fantastic, SOTA sound that tc electronic is well-known for.

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I've made that mistake before (careless as it might seem!)...

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